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Ep. 104: Sexual Harassment in O&P

Today we tackle the difficult but important topic of sexual harassment in O&P. The O&P Alliance recently published an "open letter" on the topic. In this podcast we discuss the events leading up to that and what you can do to help yourself or someone else who is a victim of sexual harassment or discrimination.

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Jan 18, 2019

Thank you for your bravery in presenting this issue. It is an issue that affects many people, mostly women but sometimes men as well. I encourage others to have the courage not only to report harassment, but also to speak up for others you know are being harassed. At this conference one woman said she DID report the harassment, but, even though her co-workers were aware of it and some even also being harassed, everyone lied at the investigation out of fear of losing their jobs. Let’s all have the courage to do the right thing! Thank you, Dave and Peggy, for setting that precedent!

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