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Whether it's selecting a prosthetist, appealing a claim or dealing with the uncertainty and stress of air travel, Amp'd has a resource for you. Developed by amputees for amputees, all of these tools are free, easy to understand and - most important - practical.


Download them. Use them. Share them. 


Choosing a Prosthetist

Selecting a prosthetist is one of the most important healthcare choices you will make as an amputee. But how do you make this decision? Is there a smart way to handle this process to maximize your chances of success?

The Amp'd Prosthetist Interview Tool gives you a list of key questions that you can take with you to each prosthetist you interview. Then you can review the answers and make a decision based on hard evidence - not just your gut.

You and Your Doctor

Physicians play a huge role in your prosthetic care even though they do not fabricate your socket, program your hand or align your components. Insurers may refuse to authorize your prosthesis if your doctor fails to adequately document your condition, or worse, contradicts what is in your prosthetist's records. 

You therefore need to actively work with your physician to ensure that you get what you need when you need it. The Amp'd Role of the Physician Tool gives you and your doctor the right information to maximize the chances of that happening.

Helping Yourself

While your prosthetist and physician are responsible for documenting why you need a specific type of prosthesis or a particular prosthetic component, their ability to do so is compromised by the fact that the gap between the world you live in and their office is a large one. Our Day in the Life Tool helps bridge that chasm.

By allowing you to capture the moment-to-moment environmental and clinical challenges confronting you, this resource creates a vivid picture of your daily activity, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Help your health care practitioners build a case for your specific prosthetic needs.


Many amputees believe that handling an insurance appeal is beyond their ability. This is wrong.

The individual with limb loss is the person most qualified to fight a claim denial. Our 5 Steps to Winning Appeals Tool provides the information you need to successfully take on the insurer that has denied your claim. And our (1) Not Medically Necessary appeal exemplar and (2) Experimental/ Investigational appeal exemplar show you what a quality appeal looks like.

And if an insurer has denied your claim alleging that your prosthesis is experimental or investigational, our Research Index has a comprehensive list of studies you can use organized by topic and year of publication.


Our Air Travel/TSA Tool demystifies the world of air travel. Living a full and complete life means going where you want when you want. Don't let the fear and stress of air travel keep you grounded. 

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