Ep. 21: Special Guest: Bob Gailey, PT, Ph.D

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

We are thrilled to have our first-ever guest on amp'd - Bob Gailey. Bob has spent the entirety of his professional career working with and for people with limb loss/difference. He has run hundreds of mobility clinics around the world teaching amputees and physical therapists how to improve a prosthetic user's gait. In addition, he has conducted important research, both regarding specific types of prosthetic devices and objective clinical tests that provide a valid evidence base for determining an amputee's functional capacity.

How did Bob get into the world of limb loss/difference in the first place? What are the elements of successful rehabilitation? What trends does he see affecting the limb loss/difference community? Listen to our far-ranging conversation with Bob Gailey in this week's amp'd.

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